Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Advertising! Do it!

It truly amazes me at times how often people tell me they don't advertise or they didn't have time or didn't have money for it.
If you don't advertise how will people ever know where to find you?
Right now since my jewelry business is on the side I don't advertise. I just had my sister redesign my business card (look below) and now she's working on my website and my jewelry images (thanks Kelly!). Once I start my business up full time I will definitely be advertising.

My focus will be on advertising to jewelry stores, galleries, gift shops, and art galleries. I hope to focus mainly on selling wholesale. I'd like to do just a few shows a year and stay at my studio rather than travel all the time like you have to with retail shows.

I've been shown some great ways to find galleries:
Resources on our websites:
(with this one, you'll have to do a state-by-state search)

Resources on other artists' websites:
(click on each state to get a list of galleries)

Also, check other artists' websites to see if they include a gallery list many of them do with complete contact information.

It takes time to build up your wholesale buyer list but it's definitely worth working on a little bit each day.
You also need to think about what kind of database you would like to put this information in. Another thing I must research.

While your at a wholesale show or a retail show you can always have a prize drawing. Put out a nice bowl or container for people to put their business cards in. At the end of the show you will draw a winner and that person will win the piece of jewelry you displayed as the prize. Yes you gave away a piece of jewelry but wow did you expand that mailing list!

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