Monday, July 14, 2008

Booth Customer Service

With my current full time work I'm able to attend lots of art shows all over the east coast. It's amazing much effort people put into their business, and their jewelry designs, and their booth set up and then they sit in the back of their booth and read! Are you kidding me!
I don't mean to shout but all that time and effort and love that goes into your business and you decide to catch up on your reading when it's time to sell? If you don't stand up and sell you're work honey no one will. People have a tendency to veer away from artists if they're sitting down, or reading, or slumped over their display. Stand up straight, smile and be courteous to the customers. They admire you the artist for your work and don't want to hear a sob story. Take that passion you use to make your designs and use it to sell the designs!
Here is my suggestion for helpful tips on selling at craft shows, you can order many great Cd's from Bruce Baker on the subjects of Booth Construction, Marketing, Sales, Slide Presentations, Customer Service, Visual Merchandising, Trends that affect the Craft/Gift Business and Jewelry Display. (I highly recommend his Cd's!)

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Every artist must engage the customer. At a minimum, stand up, say hello and offer a hand shake. One particular buyer/customer may not necessarily be interested in YOUR work, but may enjoy their conversation with you enough to pass on your name to someone they know who WILL be interested in your products. A good attitude goes a long way. Get one. Then use it.