Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fantastic Customer Service!

I was blown away by the customer service my fiance and I received at a mall store recently! We were at the Men's Wearhouse in the White Marsh Mall (MD) and wow! For a while several men were assisting us in matching ties to shirts. Then they fitted him in a couple suits, tried out some shoes, and belts and so on. I know this is their job but they were fantastic!
You may think this has nothing to do with art of jewelry but it does. Customer service is sooo important, people want to be taken care of. Thus the reason I shop online so much, I bought a new backpack recently at a store and nearly put it back on the shelf because I was ignored for so long and then cut in front of by an employee without so much as a word from either employee. Or the 4 others standing around not doing anything.
Men's Wearhouse was just great! I wish they had a clothing store like that for women! Remember to always pay attention to your customers and really listen to what they have to say!

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