Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Found Object Inspiration - Reflection

Last month while hiking the NCR trail in MD I found a small rectangular bicycle reflector. It's a yellow reflector with black plastic around the edges. I picked it up and took home excited about the possibilities it could hold.

Around the same time I found out Lark Books had a call for entries out for two books: 500 Plastic Jewelry and Fantastic Plastic. I decided to design a necklace around the plastic bicycle reflector I had found and then enter it into both of these books.

The piece I made titled 'Reflection' will be shown in the Peace & Politics Exhibit to be held at the Buyers Market of American Craft Show August 2-4 2008.

Here is my statement about 'Reflection':

This piece asks us to reflect on the topsy-turvy state of our economy and our lives in these turbulent times. Reflection symbolically represents the financial woes rising prices place on modern artists through its replacement of precious stones with golden beads and a yellow bicycle reflector and the juxtaposition of plastic and pearls. Visually, the wild wisps of the black Plexiglas provide a stark representation of the winds of change driving us in unpredictable directions.
Photographed by: Kelly Heck Photography

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