Thursday, July 3, 2008

Inspiration from the simplest of supplies!

My sister, Kelly Heck, who takes my photographs is rebuilding my website! I love her!
She asked me to look at websites and find features I liked for my new website. While looking for features I liked I came across this website by artist Jen Stark who makes unbelievable sculptures out of colored paper. I love the sculpture on her home page and how it comes out of the white background and pops!
Sometimes I get so caught up in precious metals and stones that I forget how beautiful the simple things in life really are! Focusing on alterative materials rather than what your field is accostumed to using can really open doors. Another artist that I love comes to mind, Melanie Bilenker, who uses hair to make intricate, delicate drawings in resin. I hope I can open my mind and my eyes enough to see the materials around me that would otherwise go unused and left on the wayside.

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