Monday, July 7, 2008

My Vision Boards

So I said I would post Images of my Vision Boards and here they are:

The one with the black frame is the first one I made, about a year and a half ago. I have images of people smiling, Haystack in Maine (great classes), friends, happy couples, a nice sketch jewelry design, a picture of a cast piece of jewelry, a picture of me juggling (something I love!), tropical birds (I want one), books, a brain with a light bulb inside (study more!). All of these things are things I wanted, goals I work towards.
This is the second one I've made (about 6 months ago) and has the wood tone frame. Mainly I put images of jewelry and art that inspire me, right now I'm really trying hard to focus on reading my jewelry books and sketching. I also have an image of a pig in the middle, I would eventually love to have a pet pig and an image of a tropical bird (want one of those too). I have the Saul Bell Design Awards on there because I want to win that competition. I put an image of Ellen DeGeneres on there because every time you see her show she is so passionate and in the moment enjoying and loving what she does. I want to be that way in my life.

I have achieved quite a few of these things and I truly believe the Vision Boards have really helped me!

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