Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Great Resource

While at work I came across a possibly great resource. Jewelers of America has a Tips to Thrive E-Newsletter that is free. Why not give it a try?
I just signed up, hopefully we'll learn some great business ideas!
The Jewelers of America website is a worth a good search. They have surveys they conduct on the jewelry industry, such as the Cost of Doing Business Survey. Good information for getting your business in tip top shape!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gardens of Versailles

While in France Joe and I went to Versailles. We both agree that we love the gardens the best!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Eiffel Tower

On my trip in August I got to go to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower. Here's a picture of the tower from the ground. It glowed blue and on the hour every hour sparkled like crazed fireflies! It was beautiful. Joe and I were on the 2nd floor at midnight and quite a few people were drunkenly making out, it made us laugh! It was a beautiful site to see!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Counterproductive Business...

So my computer has taken to deleting work documents. What to do? Luckily the last several it deleted I had already printed. This last one not so luckily. How unbelievably frustrating!

Art Shows...

For my full time job I attend many different art shows. This weekend I went to one in Virgina and wow did I get angry! Booth after booth had no sign with their company name, no booth number (making the show guide worthless), and no promotional materials. Probably 2/3 of the booths didn't have business cards out! All I could think was do you people want to make no money? I'm not trying to be mean, I just want all artists to do well and sell their work. Sadly many artists don't put in that extra effort of promotion which is so important.
Here's a blog on marketing that was recently mentioned in Niche Magazine: http://blog.inc.com/marketing/

For Immediate Release

Contact: Valerie A. Heck
Company Name: Silver With A Twist
Address: 3300 Whippoorwill Dr., Taneytown, MD 21787
Telephone: 443.340.5365 (cell)
Web Site: http://www.vahjewelry.com/
E-mail Address: Valerie@vahjewelry.com

Baltimore, MD (September 14, 2008) A plastic necklace designed by jewelry artist Valerie Heck of Taneytown, Md., was featured August 2-4th in the Peace & Politics Exhibit at the Pennsylvania Convention Center held by the American Made Alliance. The exhibit can still be viewed online at http://www.americanmadealliance.org/.

This piece asks us to reflect on the topsy-turvy state of our economy and our lives in these turbulent times. Reflection symbolically represents the financial woes rising prices place on modern artists through its replacement of precious stones with golden beads and a yellow bicycle reflector and the juxtaposition of plastic and pearls. Visually, the wild wisps of the black Plexiglas provide a stark representation of the winds of change driving us in unpredictable directions.

It was an entertaining departure from her jewelry designs, which are known for their lacelike and featherlight beauty. Ms. Heck has been designing, making and selling her jewelry for the past seven years, and consigns through galleries including ArtFX in Annapolis, Md., and Pristine in Taneytown, Md. She earned an Associate’s Degree in Business at Carroll Community College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts Jewelry at Towson University in 2005. She is currently the Jewelry Manager for a major wholesale tradeshow, the Buyers Market of American Craft.

For more information, email Valerie@vahjewelry.com or call 443-340-5365.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So I promised to start posting pictures of my trip through Europe. Our first stay was in Paris. We stayed at Hotel de Louvre and walked around quite a bit. We saw an Egyptian Obelisk which I loved!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've returned again!

I returned last week from my three week vacation in Europe. I feel badly that it took so long for me to get back on the blog but I've been adjusting and catching up in every aspect of life.
Our trip was fantastic, I got to see parts of France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Spain. When I return home I will post a couple of good pictures. Sadly I didn't sketch much while we were away. Though after seeing so much art I felt like I really need to step it up and make something great!