Wednesday, October 8, 2008

After college keeping the momentum…

I recently posted a question on one of the Jewelry/Art Email Groups I'm in:

Since I've been out of school I've continued to work on my jewelry and art but I find it difficult at times. How do you better set yourself up to do projects and keep the momentum you had while in school?What helps you to focus?

These were some of the responses:
-finding a similar place again like online forums, artist communities, going to exhibitions and museums, and others are good sources for dialog and inspiration
-competitions, etc. something with a deadline....sometimes they even offer a theme- but I think it is the deadline and response which is a form of stimulus and motivation + momentum related to the school experience
-You will always do what is important to you. What is important may (will) change at any time.
-Some people do blog challenges which are fun and easy ways to connect. I think that being an active member of any art community, weather its jewelry or not, is very helpful in keeping myself mentally moving.
-I feel as though life beyond college will be a roller coaster ride.
-It's important to have a long term goal in mind. I was once told that if you really truly want something you will get it only through your own efforts. Stay focused on the things that excite you and don't let negative criticism get you down.
-I can only give inspiration to keep on creating. Set up your own deadlines and reward yourself for making them.
-don't forget to have fun and love what you represent in yourself and your work

All of the responses are very encouraging to me. Thank you!

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