Friday, October 10, 2008

MJSA Vision Awards

I want to encourage you all to apply to the MJSA Vision Awards, the due date is January 15th 2009.

The MJSA Vision Awards Design Competition annually recognizes the talent and innovation of designers whose work will have a profound influence on the future of jewelry design. In addition to the overall Professional and Student Awards, the competition features special Distinction Awards that allow us to recognize designers using specific materials or technologies in new and creative ways. This year’s featured Distinction categories include:

Enamel Distinction, sponsored by Rio GrandeLaser Distinction, sponsored by CraffordLaserStar Technologies Corp.Mokumé-gane Distinction, sponsored by Shining Wave Metals and Reactive Metals Studio Palladium Distinction, sponsored by Hoover & Strong Platinum Distinction, sponsored by Platinum Guild International

I just recently helped jury another big award in the field of art and I was surprised at how many great people didn't apply. I've seen so much fantastic jewelry in my travels. If you've made the jewelry and you already have the professional photographs why not apply!

I do need to emphasize professional photographs. They are of vital importance to making your art work sing in an image, and to win you need it to sing! On my website I do have some images that are taken by me (sorry!), once my business is full time I'll have a professional photographer for certain!

Go apply and win a competition!

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