Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you..."

I have been tagged by KMJewelryStudio

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1) At a Halloween Party this year I ate part of a barbecued Scorpion, I felt brave once I got past thinking I might die!

2) I love it when my fingers and fingernails are dirty, it means I've been working in the studio.

3) Every time I walk into Home Depot I breath in the fantastic tool/plastic/dirt smell. Can you bottle that please?

4) I live completely on my own, support myself by myself and I'm very proud of that. I even paid for surgery out of pocket this past year and did it without any help. (Except my fiance did come and take care of me for a week! Thank you!)

5) I have a long Christmas chain made out of strips of old cards hanging in my apartment from one vent in the ceiling to the next. I add one link a day and have been doing this for almost a year. This one's a long story, I'll leave you guessing.

6) My fiance and I were best friends in elementary school and he proposed to me when we were only five.

7) I love blowing bubbles! Some kid things should never end!

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12 Linden
Alisa Miller
Freshie & Zero
Whitney J. Marsden
The Sterling News

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