Sunday, November 2, 2008

What to do?

I found this great piece of jewelry on etsy, it's a maze and the stone moves on a track through the maze. Check out KanfeiYoanh's page. I was trying to find a piece of jewelry that explained how I'm feeling right now, a little lost. My fiance and I will be getting married soon, Yeah! And we're both type A personalities so we plan, plan, plan. The problem is I'm just dieing to get making jewelry (need a studio since I prefer to use a torch and hammer a lot) but we also want kids. I don't feel comfortable working in a studio around dangerous chemicals while pregnant. It's just difficult. Do I start the business full time and get it going and hire people to make the jewelry while I'm pregnant or do I put it off and really get it going once we're done. Or maybe I just need to chill out! Really I should probably just relax, work on my jewelry and let things happen as they will. It all works out in the end anyway! ; )

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Lynette said...

You can still work while pregnant! You just have to change your studio habits a bit. Plan ahead (which it sounds like that wont be a problem for you) and fabricate lots of parts and pieces ahead of time. Then while you are pregnant you can finish things up without fumes from soldering and pickle. Also, you could get really good at fabricating using only cold connections! Its do-able you just have to evolve a bit. Plus, 9 months really isnt that long in the grand scheme of things.