Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm tired...

Every time I post I want to post about the jewelry I'm working on. But alas I'm not working on any jewelry. My studio is too far away and the full time job wears me out! Hopefully soon things will be calmer and I'll get to post great new jewelry. I've been looking into plastics and the idea of using them to make jewelry. I'm very excited at the prospect of using lots of color! All my fine, detailed wire work is just silver with no color. Using different types of plastics or resins will give me infinite options!

I've attached a picture of some fun plastic rings with googly eyes. I want my jewelry to be more fun and less serious. Something that makes people laugh and smile!

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TQB Designs said...

Valerie - Thank you so much for your comments! I am just such a believer in positive thinking and always try to make others "true believers"... :) I noticed that you work for the BMAC and I was a buyer for a large gallery here in Portland for many years and attended that show annually... you much be gearing up for February - so, yes you are working VERY hard!!
Best to you and yours -