Monday, October 27, 2008


I was invited to this cool new artist networking website, Crafthuas. I highly recommend checking it out, a great way to met fellow artists and get inspired!
They also list gallery events going on, books being published, and other exciting things.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Party!

I'm really going to try to post more about jewelry making but I had to share some pictures from the Halloween Party I went to this Saturday at my friend Laura & Sande's house. Everyone had to come as a dead ________. You fill in the blank. So I was a dead Raggedy Ann doll. I had more makeup around my eyes then the rest of my life combined. People didn't recognize me, it was great to surprise them!

This picture is of me a sexy Freddy Kruger in his boxers!

Long Wood Gardens

A couple of weekends ago Joe and I went to Long Wood Gardens up in Pennsylvania. It is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could have a studio right in the middle. There were ponds, and fountains, out door gardens, beautiful indoor gardens, the orchid room was my favorite. And since it's fall there are pumpkins everywhere, and pumpkin carving. There was also a tree house exhibit, I love tree houses! As I've gotten older I want one even more.
I hope to find a local arboretum I can go to and sketch flowers and design jewelry.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Venice, a confusing maze!

We were only in Venice for a few hours, going from the train station to the cruise ship. A water taxi was hundreds of dollars so we opted to go on foot. I'll have to go back and explore the city more!
Joe and I did go for a gondola ride, it was fun. There was even an accordion player and a singer in a gondola next to us. I think our guide, on our boat was drunk. He kept on singing disco music and dancing while drinking a beer and steering. It was hilarious!

Calling all Baltimore Artists!

A friend of mine found this great website, The Baker Artist Awards. You can vote for other artists or even nominate yourself! It's for Baltimore area artists and there are cash prizes for the winners!
I'm always looking out for great Awards, normally at a national level. I'll have to investigate closer to home!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sketches to Jewelry

I've started sketching more lately and trying to translate my sketches into jewelry.
It's not a perfect match to the sketch but I'm striving to not use circles, I need to really think things out and make more interesting shapes! Now I'm striving to make it 3-d!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Out Sick

I've been out sick this week. Promise to post again soon!

Friday, October 17, 2008


On our trip through Europe we took a train from Munich to Venice overnight. We arrived around 6am and I love this picture of the sky.

Favorite Artistic Websites

I just added a new section to the blog of my Favorite Artistic Websites! I will be adding more in the next week. I wanted to add websites that are nicely done and have great artwork. I hate it when a website may have good work but the website sucks (aka my current website). This will help keep a record of what inspires me!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paragliding off of the Alps!

While in Germany we went to visit Crazy Kind Ludwig's castle and guess what I did?
I went Paragliding off of the Alps with an instructor! I was strapped to the front of my instructor and had to run off of the mountain to help get us in the air. It was terrifying and inspiring! It was soooooo cool!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Sometimes I look at others artwork and just say WOW! Like Khristinne who made Mouse Maze. You can go to her Etsy Shop and watch a video of the mouse moving towards the cheese. I love it!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cool Advertising Website

So if you've read my blog you know I love good advertising! Here is a great website that will inspire you, make you laugh and more,

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cool Print Company

Go out there and advertise with!
I found this website and like all the different things they can print, check it out!


Here is a picture of the square in Munich. It was a grey day but the buildings were great!

Dexigner Design Portal

A friend email me this website, Dexigner Design Portal, and I thought it was a fine site to search through for interesting art related inspiration.

I loved David Chavez's Braille Watch, I can't even read Braille and I want it!

Great jewelry & Great advertising!

I wanted to give a shout our to a great jewelry artist Karin Jacobson, of Karin Jacobson Design.
She has really fun jewelry but what I wanted to point out was her fantastic catalog that combines comics, jewelry, and super powers! It is truly a creative, eye catching, way to get your jewelry out there!

MJSA Vision Awards

I want to encourage you all to apply to the MJSA Vision Awards, the due date is January 15th 2009.

The MJSA Vision Awards Design Competition annually recognizes the talent and innovation of designers whose work will have a profound influence on the future of jewelry design. In addition to the overall Professional and Student Awards, the competition features special Distinction Awards that allow us to recognize designers using specific materials or technologies in new and creative ways. This year’s featured Distinction categories include:

Enamel Distinction, sponsored by Rio GrandeLaser Distinction, sponsored by CraffordLaserStar Technologies Corp.Mokumé-gane Distinction, sponsored by Shining Wave Metals and Reactive Metals Studio Palladium Distinction, sponsored by Hoover & Strong Platinum Distinction, sponsored by Platinum Guild International

I just recently helped jury another big award in the field of art and I was surprised at how many great people didn't apply. I've seen so much fantastic jewelry in my travels. If you've made the jewelry and you already have the professional photographs why not apply!

I do need to emphasize professional photographs. They are of vital importance to making your art work sing in an image, and to win you need it to sing! On my website I do have some images that are taken by me (sorry!), once my business is full time I'll have a professional photographer for certain!

Go apply and win a competition!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ferris Wheel in Paris

I didn't get to ride this Ferris Wheel but it's beautiful.

After college keeping the momentum…

I recently posted a question on one of the Jewelry/Art Email Groups I'm in:

Since I've been out of school I've continued to work on my jewelry and art but I find it difficult at times. How do you better set yourself up to do projects and keep the momentum you had while in school?What helps you to focus?

These were some of the responses:
-finding a similar place again like online forums, artist communities, going to exhibitions and museums, and others are good sources for dialog and inspiration
-competitions, etc. something with a deadline....sometimes they even offer a theme- but I think it is the deadline and response which is a form of stimulus and motivation + momentum related to the school experience
-You will always do what is important to you. What is important may (will) change at any time.
-Some people do blog challenges which are fun and easy ways to connect. I think that being an active member of any art community, weather its jewelry or not, is very helpful in keeping myself mentally moving.
-I feel as though life beyond college will be a roller coaster ride.
-It's important to have a long term goal in mind. I was once told that if you really truly want something you will get it only through your own efforts. Stay focused on the things that excite you and don't let negative criticism get you down.
-I can only give inspiration to keep on creating. Set up your own deadlines and reward yourself for making them.
-don't forget to have fun and love what you represent in yourself and your work

All of the responses are very encouraging to me. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mont Saint Michel

Another beautiful place we say in Europe is Mont Saint Michel, it looks like this fairy tale sand castle that appears out of no where. Sometimes it's an island and sometimes it's not! I don't have a great picture of the entire place but I really loved this wall.
I highly recommend going there, though probably not eating there!


Do you know the feeling when somethings bothering you and you just want to complain about it to everyone. But if you do it'll only make things worse. I'm feeling that way now.

I need to breathe deeply and just let it go. Why waste my time worrying about something that just doesn't matter! : ) (I'll try to think this way, though it's difficult!)