Thursday, April 30, 2009

City Inspiration

Living in the city keeps reminding me of Nancy Nicholson's stained glass cityscapes. Every show I see her at I'm mesmerized by her unique stained glass.

Something came in the mail!

Our wedding bands from Anne Sportun Experimetal came! I love that their tape, tissue paper, and boxes have their company name all over!

And look our rings fit inside each other!

Here is my ring!
This is similar to Joe's ring, his doesn't have diamonds and is not so tall.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inspirational walks through the city!

On my walk through the city the other day I saw this great metal work! It reminded me of a friend's bracelet that had many cold connections and could stretch from a ring to a bracelet. It was a spectacular creation!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Loving Large Sculpture!

I love this giant Free Stamp in Cleveland. It doesn't really have a story, it's just big!

Cleveland Public Library

I went and got a library card today! I love the outdoor reading area, I took a picture of the gate to show you, and a close up of one of the sculptural people.
At the library I picked up this book:
I hope to use this book as inspiration for the WJA Diva Awards Competition!

Architectural inspiration

While walking around the city I saw this fantastic metal work! I hope it inspires me to make some new jewelry!
Things have been busy here! Joe and I have been going to events, out to dinner, we even went to the WestSide Market and wow was it good! I figured it would be like the market in Philadelphia but it was even better. It's probably better because I can buy fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, breads, and more and take them home to cook with! Joe and I bought bread, cheese, meat and made sandwiches when we got home!
I'm hoping to start posting about jewelry soon. Also, right now, I need to call maintenance because something is wrong with our thermostat and it is hot hot hot in here!

Exploring the city!

We've had some beautiful days here, so here are some pictures of city living!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Metals Guild of Maryland!

I went to a Metals Guild of Maryland meeting last night at Wendy McAllister's house. It was lots of fun to see some familiar faces! Sharing jewelry stories and getting to see Wendy's great studio and artwork. The brooch above is a piece I got to see (and play with!) at Wendy's. She makes these wonderful brooches and this one moves. All the little flowers move as you wear it! It's great!
I think I've finally settled into the Cleveland Apartment. I have lots of jewelry things I need to start working on, and I promise I'll start blogging more!
Thanks Wendy for a great night!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm slowly getting the apartment in Cleveland together, thank goodness! Tonight I took a break and Joe and I went to a basketball game (my first one) and it was really fun! Even cooler was that we walked from our apartment there, benefits of living in the city.
My game plan is to have the apartment done by the end of the day Thursday, and oh crap that's tomorrow! (Done means, organized, clean, and Joe's car loaded to the hilt with things for goodwill. ) Trying the live more simply without the clutter!
Also I worked out at the gym last night, this morning, and this evening with Joe. It was fun!
Well once the apartment is to my liking, I'll start on a daily regimen of studying my jewelry books, sketching, and hopefully experimenting with making resin jewelry. I'm excited to get started. A friend of mine mentioned she missed her bench and has been away from it for 7 days. Well until we buy a house I don't have a bench (soldering and hammering our my favorites which can't be done in an apartment, not legally). I understand your pain, I'll be waiting months to a year before I have a proper studio for the first time ever!
One more thing I'll be paring down the number of links I have to other blogs, I have over 100 and that is too much. I'll be evaluating the blogs and keeping ones that inspire or give good advice. I'm hoping to get it down to 25!

Friday, April 3, 2009


I took these close-ups to show you that I had the 'Happy Face Spider' on my Uhaul truck. It must have been goodluck because everything went very well. I love jewelry that is also a bug, maybe the Happy Face Spider will be good inspiration!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a week!

Good bye by old apartment building, I'll miss you Briar Cliff!
This is the Uhaul with my car attached. Almost all of my worldly possessions are in that uhaul. What's missing is the few studio tools I have, they'll move to ohio when we buy a house.
What have I learned from the move so far.
1 I have too much stuff! I must get rid of more
2 I'm a really good trucker, I drove most of the way to Ohio
3 Moving is unbelievably draining, As much as I'm craving interaction with people I'm so happy I don't have to start working immediatley. Unpacking has been hard, very draining.
Joe's apartment does have two bedrooms and one is full of my boxes, so I will definitely go through things as I unpack and throw things out!