Saturday, October 31, 2009

Erin Cornell

I found the jewelry of Erin Cornell recently and wanted to share this really fun puzzle ring. It is part of her thesis work which is very interesting to read about. A great project in my book!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goregous Fall

I wanted to share with you my back yard. The sun comes up behind the backyard and since the leaves have turned yellow it is neon and I love it!

Here is a close up of the trees, nature is a creative genius!
The studio walls are almost finished being repainted, thank goodness. I'll be visiting a shop today to research painting/staining the cement floor. Right now it's painted (in some places) a yucky brown. Not what I'd prefer so I'll let you know what I can come up with.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

While I was in MD...

While in Maryland I helped my Mom pick her Cinderella Pumpkins. She let me take one home! Yeah! Last year she had bought a pumpkin for decoration and when it had past she tossed it in the garden. This year it grew one stalk and made 8 pumpkins! So when mine passes I need to toss it somewhere.

A sneak peak of my bench!

Last week I went down to Maryland for a visit and got a sneak peak of my jewelry bench; My wonderful Grandfather is building this for me! It's solid as a rock and 7 feet long! Once it's finished I'll post more pictures of it in the studio. Thanks Grandad!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Crazy week!

Somehow I've been very busy this week but trying to think about it I'm not sure what I did. I know one whole day was dedicated to the DMV, so much fun! I did spend a day with my good friend, she showed me how to color aluminum in a cool way, then we played with some resin! Always fun. I know today I ran a million errands since I'm leaving on Sunday to go visit family in Maryland. It'll be an exciting drive with Bentley in the car!
The picture above is one I took, this weeks drawing theme is leaves. As it turns out I take a lot of pictures of leaves so I was able to print many of them to put in my sketchbook for inspiration.
Have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

John Paul Miller

Since listening to National Public Radio and learning about other local artists (posted below) I looked through the Society of North American Goldsmiths Member Directory and found out the John Paul Miller lives only a few miles from me. I have posted images of his granulated jewelry below. He has won many awards and his work is owned by the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution, the Museum of Contemporary Arts and Design in New York City, and so on.

I wish all jewelry could have so much care and detail. I decided since he lived so close by to write him a note and tell him that he is an inspiration. I only hope that it will brighten his day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy Weekend!

We had my husbands birthday this weekend, and I painted the above painting of Mickey Mouse. While we were on a cruise last year we went to an art auction and he loved a painting for sale of Mickey Mouse. So on Friday I spent 7 hours painting this, I'm proud of it. Considering that I'm not great at drawing and only had one painting class I did well.
Also for his birthday I made 2 loaves of asiago bread from scratch, a chocolate and peanut butter icing cake with fudge on top from scratch, and a great fruit punch!
We had a good time at the party, his mom made lasagna and sauce from scratch. So it was quite a home made birthday!
hope you had a good weekend!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photographing Jewelry

I'm not sure where I heard about this resource but I wanted to share it. Photographing jewelry is always hard but necessary to sell it. Here is a link to a website that has tutorials on how to photograph jewelry. I honestly haven't looked at it yet but it sounded good. I wish you luck and have a great weekend!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Making the ordinary fun...

I found this video today on making taking the stairs more fun. I loved it! I wish all things in life were made so magical.

Fun Friday

All of us jewelry makers should have these fun 'cool jewels' ice cube trays! I wonder if you could even add dye to the water and make rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Or just keep them as white diamonds!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Prismacolor Markers

While unpacking yesterday I found my prismacolor markers and decided to test them out, repeating some sketches I had done before and making some new ones. They aren't quite jewelry but I'm sure they could become jewelry.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Roberta & David Williamson Jewelry

I was just listening to NPR and heard that the jewelry artists, Roberta & David Williamson, will be featured tomorrow night on Craft in America. So if you can, do watch the show and learn about how they are inspired and also see their studio!
Also while listening to them on the radio I realized they only live a half hour from me! So I'm writing them a nice note of congratulations! It's amazing how much is going on in the area you live if you keep your eyes and ears open.

Metal Clay Jewelry Calendar

I just heard about a metal clay jewelry calendar full of beautiful jewelry images. You can purchase it here. The link shows many of the calendar pages full of inspiration!
They are also seeking images for next years calendar so if you work in metal clay definitely apply!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nice metal work!

I purchased this old candle holder last month. I loved the shape and how some candles would be held on different levels. Now I need to find really thin candles that are about the width of a pencil, actually maybe a little smaller. So I might try making candles, we'll see!
I'm still sick but trying to get things accomplished. Wish me luck!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New sketching homework: Mazes

So I have homework for the next two weeks to design mazes in the form of jewelry or whatever! I've posted this pendant before that I love! It's by an etsy artist Khristinne and this is my jumping off point hopefully I'll have some sketches I can post tomorrow!

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's raining again...

So I thought I'd brighten your day by introducing you to a wonderful artist, Matthew Naftzger who owns a company called Works of Man. Above is his 'Dawn' pendant. I love how layered his jewelry is and the weight of the piece is wonderful. (I've held his jewelry and wanted to buy it!) You know it's got a lot to it. So enjoy his work and check out his website!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What I've been up to

Well I'm still kinda sick so I've been resting and working on unpacking. As I unpack I'm trying to get rid of as much as I can. I've been following blogs such as a simpler living and what I read there resonates well with me. I don't need to go out and buy buy buy (except for some more warm clothes, it's cold up here in the north). Also that if I reduce the amount I own there is more room for my own creativity. I definitely believe in that. When the house is a mess and cluttered I can't concentrate for anything! Since I've moved several times this year, every time I pack and then unpack I ask myself do I really need this. I've donated several car loads to the goodwill and gotten rid of lots of things that were just taking up space!

Joe and I have been discussing me getting a job outside of me starting my own business full time, but realistically I don't think it'll work well. I actually found a jewelry store that is hiring but the problem is I'd be the low person on the totem pole and that means I'd have to work the day before and day after holidays. I can't do that since family is so far away (we travel for holidays). I'd probably also get paid very little and I need a flexible schedule. I'm still exploring this new state and trying to make friends and join groups and clubs. So I had the idea of doing piece work. I know years ago I thought about it and for now it seemed like a good idea but I searched the web and can find nothing but scams.
So I've decided to (once I'm not feeling crappy) kick it into high gear and try to get my studio set up quickly and start figuring out where I want to sell my jewelry, designing lines, and getting myself out there.

I also started an interesting discussion on an email group this week about how I felt when I graduated from college. I greatly enjoyed majoring in jewelry, learned a lot, worked hard, and pushed myself. But when I graduated I found that I could make the same money an hour I was making before I graduated, $10 an hour with no health insurance. I couldn't find pay above that. I sent out 160 resumes with cover letters and did quite a bit of networking and everywhere I interviewed they basically thought I didn't know much. I do make jewelry and work in the field for the love of it but isn't part of the point of college to better yourself and be able to support yourself? At that low pay rate it's nearly impossible to get by.

I have a friend who had a great idea for an art school that has art classes but also has working and profitable art businesses in the school and some of your course work involves working for these companies. I think that's a fantastic idea because learning business along with jewelry (or your chosen art) will really give you more of an advantage when you graduate. I want artists to be able to take the world by storm, sell their work, and live off of what they create.

I plan to share my ideas both jewelry technique wise and business wise because helping others succeed helps our industry. I want to see my fellow artists flourish.

Also, I've decided to do some volunteering for SNAG. I wanted to help out and I'm excited about the project I've been given. I'll share details later.

I plan on posting once a day, I hope you enjoy my blog!
(the picture above is from my trip through Europe last year, I loved that the flower shop was called Happy!)