Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Under the Sea

I'm humming tunes to the Little Mermaid right now! The piece above 'Under the Sea' by Yuka Saito is made of plastic and being shown in 'The Plastic Show' at Velvet Da Vinci Gallery.

Here is what the show is about:

The Plastic Show, an exhibition featuring work from the recently published Lark Jewelry Book 500 Plastic Jewelry Designs. The Plastic Show features 250 pieces by 75 artists employing a variety of plastic materials such as resin, latex, rubber, epoxy, and thermoplastics, many of which are reused or recycled. Having been embraced by artists and designers, these materials are now firmly woven into the language of contemporary jewelry making. Used alone or in combination with traditional elements, these substances can, with certainty, be classified as precious. Thanks to the use of plastics, conventional components like silver, gold, platinum, and gemstones are now only part of the jewelry-making equation. The jewelry in this collection represents the best work being produced today by artists who use plastics as a foundational element in their pieces.

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