Monday, September 27, 2010

Vote for the MJSA Old Becomes New Design Challenge

I wanted to share an email and the image above from my friend Michelle Pajak-Reynolds:

I am ecstatic to share some wonderful news. I am one of nine designers invited to participate in the Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) Old Becomes New Jewelry Design Challenge. Each designer was presented with the same Art Deco brooch/pendant and client story to work from and the winner will be chosen via popular vote.
Visit this link to view my design.
 Voting is open until October 31,2010.

Click here and scroll to the bottom to vote for your favorite.

Thanks so much for your support,


So in conclusion please go to the link, pick your favorite design and then vote for Michelle's! : )

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Sandy Eaton said...

I voted for your friend, some
real nice pieces.