Monday, November 1, 2010

Go out and VOTE!

Crazy Politics: Tell me the truth please!

Tomorrow is the time to vote and all the politics are getting on my nerves. I know statically it works better to trash the other opponent but it's ridiculous. I've been listening to NPR have debates between candidates and advertisements on TV and it's driving me nuts. No one ever answers the questions. They just say, "I'll reach across the isle, America needs change,  blah blah blah" and things like that. Politicians talk a lot and say nothing. I think they should not be allowed to advertise, or have commercials. They should have a small write up about themselves and exactly what their plan is to help our area. I want details in the plan. And if they are going to cut spending what are you getting rid of? I'm intelligent enough to realize they all keep spouting BS and I'm getting offended that these politicians think I'm dumb enough to fall for their garbage:  "that other guy running against me sucks his thumb, don't vote for a thumb sucker." Really? Please start respecting your American public and tell us exactly what you plan to do to improve our area and our lives.

While I'm on this topic I'm also really tired of people lying on the news, TV and radio. People can say any crap they want and seemingly not get in trouble. Causing people to panic and worry about things that didn't even happen. If I ran into a building screaming 'FIRE' I would get into a huge amount of trouble for causing a panic like that. I believe if anyone lies in the media they should be fined. I want true and clear facts that are not tainted be either political party. Thus the reason I read 'American' news from an Australian website. I find their news to be about the facts, whereas the American news stations/websites are all about fear. Every year there is a new disease that will kill all of us, and so on. If people, broadcasters, politicians, celebrities, whoever lie publicly and spread false information they should be severely fined in proportion to how much money they have to make sure it hits home. No one should stand up spouting things out of their mouth without having done research. I don't believe everything I hear or read, I sadly need to look into what's going on in the news and make sure someone didn't make it up. It shouldn't be that difficult to read the news, now we have to research the news? It's just crazy.

With our local politics I am greatly concerned about the Levy's. Around here people can vote whether or not to give the local schools money. I believe if I heard right the last 16 times people have voted no. I know some people say my kids are grown why do I care, I don't have money for other people's kids. Guess what, the kids in school right now are your future doctors, politicians, teachers and so on. If we don't improve education everyones' future is looking bleak. Education is everything and I worry that the levy will be shot down once again. I'm also for life long education and it starts when kids are in school.

Please make sure you take a some time to research the candidates and make an informed voting decision you can be proud of. Go out and VOTE!

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