Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Giveaway!

I'm having a difficult time getting into the Holiday Spirit, and I figured the best way was to give!

I'd like your advice on how to get into the holiday spirit, or a story on what the holiday spirit means  to you, and I'm going to give a pair of  these beautiful, wonderful, modest earrings to the person who leaves the comment that helps me most.

The deadline for your post is Midnight on December 23rd. I will announce the winner on Christmas Eve and send the earrings out the following week.


Michelle Pajak-Reynolds said...

Reconnecting with those I haven't seen in a long time, bringing infinite joy to others by giving them a piece of my artwork, snuggling on the couch with the hubby and the dog (it's really cozy 'cause our couch isn't that big), grandpa's pie, sleeping in, fancy chocolate, fancy wine, snow angels, setting an intention/focus for the upcoming year, and sparkly green nail polish

Valerie Tyler said...

I think you're one the right track already with the "giving" idea.

Just having come off of three shows and working constantly, I can understand a difficulty in harnessing that spirit.

My Dad died shortly after Christmas about ten years ago (so young!) and my usual extended family celebration drifted apart quite a bit and changed at the same time, so now it's bit different every year it seems. I miss the tradition, and wonder we will ever settle into some new traditions.

What I hold unto is a memory of a year when I sat on my bedroom floor and looked out the window, and *REALLY* believed I saw lights soaring through the sky on a sleigh. I hold unto the memory of when I went to church and sang my heart out as I was sure the angels would take the message that I really cared where it needed to go. Lastly, I try to make a few new memories by doing little things whenever I can. (I can't share here, as I like them to be anonymous....but try to surprise people whenever you can with small gifts of time and treasure)

You know what else I would do if I won....I wouldn't keep those earrings, though they are so lovely. I'd give them to my mother and share this post with her.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

I've heard several people that seem to be in a "funk" this year Valerie! For me, the Christmas feeling smacks me upside the head by baking some cookies (even if I don't really want to) while cranking the Christmas tunes on the stereo and sipping on a coffee with a little Baileys in it! This year I made pumpkin cookies first... which then lead to oatmeal raisin & chocolate chip eventually.

I gain the most joy when preparing baskets or plates with my cookies and deliver with a smile to neighbors or friends... only keeping 2 of each cookie for me.

Hope you find your holiday spirit before the holiday passes you by. You're a talented artisan Valerie, let your light shine!


Anonymous said...

The easiest way for me to get into the Holiday spirit is to examine my life and find things that I am grateful for and after that, being able to give joy to those that are around me.

Waking up in the morning and being able to perform the functions of daily living is the first thing I am grateful for. Having reasonably good health and knowing that my loved ones are still with me is a whole lot of grateful as well. Able to live in my home and not be on the street also makes for heaps of grateful too!

Now, mixing all that "grateful" with the joy I see in those around me when I "give" (it could be a kind word, a secret act of kindness or a gift), is the formula for megadoses of Christmas Spirit for me!

Sandy Eaton said...

Valerie, After reading your post, I think you are already in the Holiday Spirit. You give of yourself all the time. Their are times when you just have to slow down and take a look at how lucky we all are. Our family is well and productive, everyone likes the job they are doing. For me Christmas is family, Not having Wissie with us this year is hard but we have so many memories that she will always be a large part of everything this family does. Knowing that my children and grandchildren grew up knowing their grandparents, and I mean really knowing them and spending much time with them brings this family all to gether. And even though you will not be with us in person you and Joe are always with us. And you have a whole new family that will become just as important to you as this one. Enjoy the Holiday for what it is.
Love, Peace and Joy. I am making cookies all day today. Just dream about how they smell.
Love and Kisses to you and Joe.

Anonymous said...

To Valerie,
There is always a glimmer of hope and earnest which peeks through the gray clouds in this great big sky that surrounds all of us. My glimmer is my memories, I am so thankful for them, to the brim. I lost my mother two weeks before Christmas thirteen years ago and I miss her so much, beyond words. So what I do is light a candle next to her picture and lay some fresh pine, and I say, "Merry Christmas mom, thank you for bringing me into this world and teaching me to be a good person. I love you"

Valerie A. Heck said...

Hi MaryAnn, could you email me your address?
Valerie Tyler who won the earrings on this blog would like to send you a gift of her own because what you wrote touched her. Merry Christmas!