Friday, February 25, 2011

Hammer Song Farm - Welding Class

Joe's parents got us one of the best Christmas presents! They paid for us to take a welding class at Hammer Song Farm down in Mt. Vernon Ohio. We both love taking classes, learning and trying new things. Tom and Linda own Hammer Song Farm and were the best hosts!

Here is Joe using the Plasma Cutter. I had a welding class back in College and I do love plasma cutting! Joe asked if we could buy one so he could just cut things up.

Joe's practice run with the plasma cutter involved cutting out my name above!

We were cutting out butterfly wings and Joe wanted me to be a fairy. A fairy with metal wings! Perfect!

Here is JJ (an assistant on left) helping Joe weld (on right). It was hard to take photos while watching them weld, I couldn't see very well through my protective helmet so I just made sure the camera was aimed right, got my helmet on and clicked a lot of pictures!

Here is Joe's Dad on right welding his butterfly wings. Joe's parents did the class with us which made it even better!

I let Joe do most of the welding since this was his first time but I got in on the action. Here I am on the right welding with JJ's help.

This is the best shot I could get of the completed Butterfly we made, it's kinetic and will flap it's wings in the breeze. In the summer I'll take a better photo once we can put it outside.

Joe tried to kiss me while we both had our helmets on and later on figured out to take them off first!

I loved this stargazer sculpture outside, really beautiful!
Overall the class was wonderful and we were served a homemade lunch, made by Tom (the welding teacher) that was out of this world. I mean everything I ate was soooooooo good! Here is another link to Hammer Song Farm if you want to check out the classes. We'll be going back to take another one.

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