Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day calls for Snow Angels

The other day I looked at this funny mark in the snow and realized it was a snow angel made by a bird. You can see an imprint of the head and tail feathers and then the wing areas look like they have more snow. Somebody was having fun in the snow. I hope you all stay safe today, the weather is crazy and leaking into my house. Super exciting.

I didn't post about this, was trying to avoid it but the Tucson Gem Show is this week and I'm sad not to be there. I was supposed to meet a good friend there but due to our busy schedules and mainly our lack of money we could maybe get there but not buy anything or eat. I really want to buy some gemstones from John Dyer, love him! I need to start making some jewelry though before I go buying more pretties!

So I learned something insane this week, for a product to be called 'meat' it only has to have 44% meat in it. This is from the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture). I read a story about taco bell being sued over claiming they sell meat when they probably don't. I just needed to share that, and that's why I try my best to cook all my own food. Eat healthy!

Back to Jewelry stuff, sorry for grossing you out. Lark books is publishing it's second '500 Rings' Book and you can enter your images up until March 30, 2011. I probably won't be entering, I haven't made anything lately and I would have to have it professionally photographed as well. Time flies when there is a due date. You should enter though, it's exciting to be published!

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Sandy Eaton said...

Happy to hear the bird is haveing fun in your snow. What do you mean snow is leaking into your house. Not good.