Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome Cinnamon!

Yesterday we had a new addition to our family, Cinnamon! We'd been thinking about adopting a dog and Joe and I have been doing research for several weeks to make sure we got a dog that fit our lifestyle well. We adopted her from Canine Life Line and right now we're in the 2 week trial period.

She was a stray but they believe she is part Pharaoh Hound and part Vizsla. She's about 25 pounds and loved playing ball but loves snuggling even more! The biggest challenge is to get Cinnamon to just ignore Bentley (the parrot) but right now her big ears perk right up when Bentley talks. I took Bentley out of his cage and Cinnamon jumped right in thinking it was her kennel. It was pretty funny! I have a feeling the Bentley is going to learn to say 'Cinnamon' really fast.

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