Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blogs I love...

I read a lot of different blogs and really enjoy reading Crafting an MBA Business thinking for designers and makers. Megan, who writes the blog, shares great information on running a business. Which is what many of us designers/artists/makers don't know as much about. Good to follow and she has great book suggestions.

Recently I found out that the jewelry supply company, Rio Grande has their own blog. The Studio Rio's Blog has all kinds of interesting information and posts on a variety of topics. I actually found a post I wanted to share, they are having a jewelry haiku contest and there are prizes to be won. Good luck!

Another one you should keep a link to is Dude Craft. Every time I go to his blog I see the greatest art that I want to share with everyone. He finds some really cool art projects that I don't see other places.

Have a happy Sunday, don't miss reading the PostSecret Cards for today.

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