Friday, March 4, 2011

Buyers Market of American Craft February 2011

About 2 weeks ago my boss and I attended the Buyers Market of American Craft Show as exhibitors and I wanted to share some of my finds!

While at the show I bought a great necklace by Liztech. They recycle old costume jewelry to make something new. The shiny silver surface behind the brass parts really makes the pendant sparkle. I saw one of my friends wearing one and just had to go check them out.

I bought Joe a ledge lizard from Sculptures by Stepper, he's so cute! We had a great time hanging out with the Stepper Brothers and I can now tell them apart (they are twins) but I'll probably forget by the next time I see them. Sorry guys!

I also bought this gorgeous goldfish ring from Manya & Roumen, oh wait, sorry, that was a dream. I want to buy this goldfish ring from Manya & Roumen. They turn their nature-inspired illustrations into intricately carved wax models. They were the booth next to ours and made the most amazing jewelry. It really makes a statement. They were great neighbors to have! Manya also publishes children's books.

I changed my profile picture last night and in the picture I'm wearing VolerAVolar earrings by Sonia Lub. They are my favorite earrings! Sonia's father took that picture of me that I'm using for my profile, Thank you Sergio!

Overall the show was great, I heard lots of positive feedback on the floor from other exhibitors. One thing they might not emphasize when selling you a booth at the show is the lifelong friendships you start. The show has started to feel like a family reunion to me. It's just wonderful to be around so many talented, creative and giving people.

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