Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking Back

I've been sick for the past month and broke my camera. What can I say, I've got skills! In trying to repair multiple cameras (in hopes that one would work) I found  some old studio photos. This was my studio when I was in high school and college. My Dad let me use a small area in the barn. Your looking at my one bookshelf against the wall, and then my tables on either side. The mice liked to hide corn in my tools on the bookshelf, so you'd pick up a bracelet mandrel and all this corn would come crashing out!

This is where I did my soldering. That thing on the left covered in blankets in my bead blaster. Hasn't gotten much use since I don't own an air compressor.

On this table I have my old/broken polishing wheels that will never be used (given to me by a friend and they don't have a good ventilation system). Then an anvil from my Grandad, hydraulic press my Grandad built for me and a scroll saw (not mine).

Here is a better picture of my soldering area. I love my soldering board that has two third arms attached, love it! I worked a lot with silver wire, that's why you see all the little round containers holding jump rings.

Here is a better shot of that home made hydraulic press along with some forming tools.
I made a lot of cool stuff using just these tools.

I have yet to make anything other than some Christmas Presents in my current studio but that's about to change, I'm working on designing a few pieces for myself. I'll be sure to post photos for your to see!

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