Monday, April 18, 2011

Vision Board

Just about every year for the last 4 or 5 I've created a vision board. I collect images I like of art, places, and all kinds of things. I keep a large bin of these images and when the mood strikes I buy a cork board and start creating a new vision board. I put jewelry and art I love on it and things I may want to achieve.

Here is the finished vision board with some close ups down below.

In this section I have a picture of Neuschwanstein Castle (which I've been to and paragliding off the Alps there) Someone doing a handstand (that's a goal), a beautiful ring by Jeffrey Appling, and a birds wing made out of diamonds to name a few things.

In this section I loved the spirit of the woman in the rain kicking her leg in the air, very fun! I have a note from a high school teacher on a manila envelope that I loved. Then I have some jewelry by Klaus Burgel and other sculpture I enjoy.

The fish on the bottom of this picture is a creation of Dr. Seuss, I saw it at a gallery here in the Cleveland area. It was so cool. I have put specific words on the boards, "faith" so I'll have more faith in myself and what I do.

In this image is a picture of me with a four leaf clover, I'm really good at finding them. Also a statue of someone contact juggling, it's been one of my goals to get better at that. "Living the Dream" something we all want to do!

Overall it's very soothing to create one of these Vision Boards, not everything has a specific meaning. And on this board I've been to some of the places or seen some of the art in person already. I noticed that on this board I left a lot more open space then previous vision boards. I think that means I'm trying to cut back on how much I have on my plate and enjoy what I do more.
 I always date the back of the board so I can look back and see what year it is. Many of the things on my first vision board have happened so I feel like they definitely help me.
Have a Merry Monday!


Valerie said...

I keep saying I want to create one of these. Specifically I always think in my middle ages I'd love to open a perfectly curated shop, and I keep thinking I should make a vision book to plan that.

p.s. did you see that Seuss exhibit at the Dick Kleinman gallery? It was pretty neat indeed!
I stopped in a few doors down at the Riley gallery and drooled over the sculptures. You should check those out if you haven't yet (and get your jewelry in there!)

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

Hi Valerie! You should totally work on a vision board, start collecting images and put it together, it's fun!
I did see the Seuss exhibit, and loved it. I wanted that fish so bad! Thanks.