Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Butterfly

I have been out sick, but I'm on the mend! For my mother-in-laws birthday I drew her this butterfly (above). That I wanted to make it into a pendant.

So I printed the image and adhered it with rubber cement to my silver.

I also bought this awesome halogen lamp that made me able to see every detail! Without it, it felt like I was working in the dark. I bought it from Rio Grande for about $160 ish.

Next I drilled out all the holes, for the body of the butterfly (sections in white) I had to use tiny little drill bits that even my saw blade couldn't fit through those holes at first.

Then I got everything pierced and filed.

Next I set up a space with my color pastels, a mortar and pestle, and my butterfly stuck down with packing tape. My plan is to use epoxy resin and fill the pierced parts with color.

I started with black for the body.

And I used a tooth pick to get the black epoxy in those tiny cut outs.

Next color to grind to powder was blue, a more aqua blue.

Then I filled the cut out wing sections with the blue epoxy.

After that dried for 24 hours I placed it in a container of water and got to sanding the resin down. Never sand resin dry, it's bad if you breathe it in!

Here is the entire necklace, chain and all.

When you hold the butterfly up to the light the color is amazing and it looks like stained glass.
This is the biggest project I've completed in my studio. I hope to make more soon, to share with you!
And Happy Mother's Day!


Studio Sylvia said...

Lucky mum-in-law. Your saw piercing skills are very precise. Beautiful work, Valerie.

Lisette said...

Very pretty pendant Valerie! I like how you showed the step by step process. I just started working with resin and it's fun.

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

Thanks Lisette and Sylvia! I love to pierce and resin is really fun. I'm hoping to get the resin to a high shine finish next time but I need to do some research.

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful Valerie- I love the way it turned out! Laura

Sandy Eaton said...

Valerie, The butterfly is beautiful and the color really shines when you hold it up to the window. I am sure Beth loved it. I don't know how you got it finished being so sick the last month. Good work.

Mel said...

Faboulous, as usual, Valerie! Mel

Kelly said...

It's nice to see that you are picking the craft back up!