Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zentangle Workshop at Three Home

A few weeks ago I took a Zentangle workshop at a new gallery in Chagrin Falls, OH called Three Home. The image above is by the founders of Zentangle, it has 102 tangles. Each tangle is like a type of doodle.

We started with a square and then broke it up into sections, they called the line, 'strings'. In each section you draw a different tangle. The process is very meditative.

Our instructor taught us 8 different tangles, and she did hers very large up on a board for all of us to see.

Here are the tangles the entire class made, it's interesting to see everyones' take on the different tangles. I did two, the middle row on the left and the middle row on the right.

Three.Home was a awesome gallery, they had cool products and a lot of interesting furniture. They were a little hard to find since the gallery is in an industrial park. So if you go keep driving on back and you'll find them. They have another class coming up on bracelet making, here is a link to their facebook page.       Three Home


three.home said...

Thanks so much Valerie, for your attendance and for your kind words. I am so glad you enjoyed the workshop, I did as well. In fact I can't stop zentangling... Although I am getting ready for saturdays beaded wrap bracelet workshop.
Thanks again, look forward to seeing you again.

three.home said...

where are we toto?

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

Thanks Rory!