Monday, August 8, 2011

Looking for a Good Wax Worker any suggestions?

At work we are trying to find a place that sells a wax worker and wax pen similar to this unit.

We specifically want a wax pen like this one. It's flat and sharp.

You can see in this photo the handle is longer. The only draw back on this unit is the handle does heat up some. But what we have found is that in none of the catalogs is there a unit with a pen this nice. They are short, the end of the pen is all wrong and the handles heat up so hot we can't hold them after a while.

If you know where we can get a unit like this or you can suggest a good unit that you use I would appreciate any advice.

For fun here is my bench at work, a picture of Bentley (my parrot) to the left, along with a small blue macaw. Then on the right is my brass rhino that normally holds y wedding rings. You can also see a Dog Training book in the far right corner, I have a lot more to read on that subject!


Jamie Cassavoy said...

Hey Valerie,
Have you tried Stuller or Gesswein?

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

Hi Jamie, thanks for the comment. Well all the catalogs including the two you suggested have the same things. What we figure out is the $300ish dollar wax worker is a piece of a crap. We spent $500ish on one that works great. We still have to alter the tip but it's far superior. They shouldn't even make the $300 version, with all the problems it had. Thanks again, hope all is well with you!