Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beautiful Silence - Surprising my Sister!

I made a surprise visit down to Maryland last weekend for my Sister's show 'Beautiful Silence' at the Delaplaine Art Center in Frederick Maryland. Kelly (my sister) showed up at my parents house and was shocked to see me there. I'm terrible at keeping secrets so I did well this time!

Here is Kelly with one of her photographs. Beautiful scenes of snowy landscapes.

Many wonderful treats were made for the show. Though these lovely treats were made by our Great Aunt for us to enjoy at home. Since hostess is going out of business she made homemade orange hostess cupcakes. They were way better than the hostess version! Thanks Aunt Helen!

My Sister and Mom also baked this tasty lemon pie bites. Don't you want to reach out and eat one? So good. I had a great time visiting and just loved surprising Kelly!


Sandy Eaton said...

Valerie, love the pictures of the show. Very good of the food.
you are right we need to reach in and eat one of those cupcakes. Lucky for me Aunt Helen made me some to. Great picture of Kelly.

Kelly Heck said...

Thank you Valerie again for the surprise, it was awesome!