Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Kitchen's Bounty

Last night Joe and I and some friends took the Egg-Citing April Cooking Class At Kitchen's Bounty! It was a wonderful culinary experience! Terri N Bergman truly believes in food as art. The food should taste ridiculously good as well and being plated beautifully. Above are the lobster deviled eggs we made. Mmmmmm!

Here's my incredibly handsome husband cooking the celery and onions that formed the base of the asparagus soup. As you can see we were in a large open kitchen that allowed for all the guests to see what was going on and everyone was welcome to join in and help with any of the dishes! Terri, the owner, is to the left of my husband.

I learned about a new device, can't remember the name but it allowed Terri and Nathan to cleanly pour the hot asparagus soup into the bowls. I truly had a great time chatting with all the guests while learning great cooking advice!

The final asparagus soup with a citrus creme fraiche, which turned a few carnivores at our table into vegetable lovers. We love the taste of asparagus, but have never been big fans of the texture.  The soup concentrates the taste of asparagus with a much more appealing texture, and the dollop of cold, citrus-infused creme fraiche provides a wonderful contrasting layer of flavor.

Joe does not eat vegetables he hasn't grilled. My friend Michelle's husband Randy hates asparagus. But they spent last night planning to use a thickened version as a pizza topping or pasta sauce! (They were also planning to use the incredible strawberry compound butter served with our appetizer to make grilled cheese sandwiches. The butter was so good they scraped the butter into to-go containers). We will definitely be making many of the recipes especially compound butters! Yum!

The strawberry-mango jubilee was an amazing filling for the crepes we had for dessert. (Joe's only complaint the whole night was that he firmly believes that if you're going to set something on fire in the kitchen, the flames should reach the ceiling).  I took a photo of the hennessy being burned off in the strawberry-mango jubilee. I slowed my shutter speed down to 1/3 of a second so you could really see the blue flames. A safety tip we were told is to never taste anything you do this technique with until you are sure all the alcohol has been burned off. 

We all had a wonderful time at Kitchen's Bounty and plan on going back. This is a cooking/dinning experience that you would love!


Kelly Heck said...

I WANT recipes! <3


Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

You and Andy will need to come visit and will cook you ridiculously good meals!

The Eaton's said...

The pictures are great, I agree that the dish should not only taste good but look good and yours look great. Joe looked like he was having fun.

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

Thank you, we had a wonderful time!