Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gemological Society of Cleveland Ohio

Last Wednesday I attended a meeting of the Gemological Society of Cleveland Ohio. I was overwhelmed and delighted by the amount of information and sharing by the group. There was a couple that attended that own the jewelry store Different Facets Jewelry, they had just been to the Tucson Gem Show and brought lots of gems for show and tell. The current head of the gems and minerals department at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History was there along with the previous head of that department. We talked about all kinds of gemstones and had a specific talk on Jade and how jade is made of several minerals and has a huge range of different chemical make ups. 

I was very excited to hear that they plan a group trip to the Tucson Gem Show, I need to get on that boat!
There was also mention of a trip in Ohio, where they go pan for gold. What fun!

I learned so much, some was over my head but they were all so friendly and said to ask questions.
The meeting next month will be Wednesday June 13th at 7pm in the library of the Natural History Museum. All are invited to attend, your first meeting is free. 

(Image is of Chinese Jade Buttons found on Wikipedia.)

The Crafts Report Magazine Cover Contest, entries due by May 31st

Enter the Crafts Report Magazine Cover Contest, submissions due by May 31st. You enter by posting on their Facebook page and posting this info with a photo of your art or jewelry. 
  • the verbiage "Entry for The Crafts Report Magazine Cover Contest"
  • artist name
  • title of subject/photo submission
  • photo credit identifying the photographer

Monday, May 21, 2012

Colorful Titanium!

Karin Roy Andersson used titanium, aluminum, plastic and steel is this brooch titled 'Pride 2011'. It was made for the project ALLA - jewellery artists against xenophobia.

I love the use of straws for color, great way to start a Monday!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Chain Chain Chain

When I started making jewelry chains are where it all started. I wanted to share some great chains and web links to inspire you!

The earrings above are Turkish Orbital Chandeliers by SteamPunkGarage on Etsy.

The pendant above is the Large Quantum Rose Pendant by Rebecca Mojica. I love the pattern!

This chain is flat box chain by SilverWeaver.

There are great tutorials and supplies on Blue Buddha Boutique like this Bicubix Blocks Chain Tutorial.

SpiderChain has great supplies as well! And has great tutorials and a wonderful gallery of images.

Thanks to my friend Katie for many of the links. Enjoy!

A Passion for History and Architecture...

Donna Veverka's jewelry connects a person to the ancient world. The piece above is sterling silver and garnet, cast and fabricated. Titled 'Esther's Window'. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Cocktail Ring for sure!

I want to see a video of this ring and the movement of the diamonds by Nomades. The ring is made of yellow gold, moonstone and amber colored diamonds.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Golden Beauties

Emmanuel Dietrich is launching a new jewelry collection including these pair of earrings, called Honey Dream. That name sounds just right!
The earrings are made of pear-cut lemon quartz, with round-cut and briolette-cut citrines. These two varieties of quartz are set on a yellow gold frame.

Italian Design

The chain like element of this cuff caught my eye, by Antonini. Made of rose gold, black rhodium and diamonds.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sculptural Jewelry

From Schmuck 2000 by Ruckblick Visionen, "Clearly sculptural forms and volutes in high relief are the favorite themes which jewelry artist Aninka Harms explores in ever-new variations. A "Context Cut" diamond adds an exciting accent to this hollow pendant of 18-carat yellow gold."
You can explore more of Aninka Harms' jewelry here!

Nice Structure

The jewelry of Melissa Cameron focuses on symmetrical pattern making like this piece made of stainless steel, vitreous enamel and 925 silver.

This pin is made of recycled painted cigarette tin, stainless steel cable and 925 silver. I love Melissa's jewelry, be sure to click on the link above to see more!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Erik Stewart Jewelry

This pendant is made of palladium and color-treated diamonds, by Erik Stewart Jewelry.
"Inspired by works of a famous architect, Hans Hollein, creating a unique setting for colored diamonds. Tubes are set at different lengths and diameters. Holds approximately 1.00ctw. (total carat weight) of colored diamonds."

Flip Rings

I really love the concept of a flip ring, the main feature of the ring is that it has two sides, thus possibly two gemstones. This ring is pink gold and mother of pearl by Bvlgari.

What gemstone would you want in your flip ring?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ornamental Hand Engraving Samples

Several friends have asked to see my Ornamental Hand Engraving Samples from the class I took last week at New Approach. We worked on 2 by 2 inch squares of copper sheet metal. The patterns above and below are meant to go on a ring, but it's best to first practice this technique on flat instead of a curved surface.

Notice the pattern to the right has little berries on it, I liked that one a lot!

On the piece above I drew some circles to represent the sides of a ring and did a wheat leaf pattern up the left side and a 1/2 wheat leaf up the right. These still need a great deal of practice.

I did enjoy making flowers. The one in the center (the biggest one) is my favorite! I slipped with the graver and turned that slip into the stem of the flower.

We started practicing scroll patterns.

This flower design was an image transfer that we then traced with a scribe on the metal and then engraved.

The plate above is flowers our teacher engraved. He drew names and let us each pick our favorite plate. Luckily my name was drawn last so I got everything that was left. (2 plates and an inlay sample!) : )

My sample of this pattern is the first picture. Compare the two and see how much cleaner the teacher's lines are.

On the last day of class we were shown how to inlay one metal into another. This is copper into brass, and then our teacher engraved the copper. I thought it was really cool!
Engraving frankly is hard to explain without really showing what we did and showing the tools. It is difficult to master but truly a lot of fun. 
Have a happy day!

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Last night the Ohio Jewelry & Metal Arts Guild took a field trip to Cleveland Museum of Natural History. It was a blast, we went mainly for the Mythical Creatures Exhibit which was fantastic. I was taking notes and inspired by so much! I even got to touch a Narwhal which is the long tooth of the narwhale, it's believed this tooth inspired the mythical stories of unicorns, because the tooth looks like a unicorn horn. I was really moved by the Narwhal tooth. The Vikings used to sell them for many times their weight in gold. 

Here are Katie and Terry in the Gem & Jewels Exhibit. I'm pretty sure we all drooled over the gemstones, oh my god. I was taking notes on my favorites so I can look them up and share them with you later.

I loved the Dinosaur bones, walking under them was amazing, to think of how big these creatures were!

I even took a close up of the vertebrae, I liked the pattern, maybe it will inspire some jewelry!

The Diatryma reminded me of my adorable pet parrot Bentley. Well every bird makes me think of Bentley and to me all birds look snugly. Though I know this bird could easily have eaten me!

They even had live animals at the Museum, such as this Bobcat. The shape of his face and eyes and ears are very interesting. Also in the exhibit was a crow that kept doing a dance for us bobbing his head up and down. He followed us as we walked through his section of the exhibit.I'm sure he had a good laugh as we all tried to get him to dance again!

They even had an eagle, a noble and majestic eagle.

Back inside we saw a headband made of bright green Beetles! What great use of color in ornamentation!

I really liked the hair combs, and the long feathers that hung off of them. Very decorative!

The trip was really a lot of fun, and I learned quite a bit. I'm excited to share, with you, some of the new gemstones I learned about!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Love the form of this Neckpiece

This necklace is of Scandinavian design of the 1950's and 60's and marks the beginnings of modernism in jewelry. Henning Koppel and Nanna Ditzel, designers for Georg Jensen, introduced abstract sculptural forms. This is best exemplified by the silver neckpiece designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1957 for Georg Jensen Silversmiths. From the book Smuck 2000, referenced in a previous post
Here is the current Georg Jensen (USA) website for you to peruse. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Importance of Good Gemstone Cutting

In my last post I said I wanted to learn more about gemstone cutting. And wouldn't you know it I come across a video from John Dyer's website on 'The Importance of Good Gemstone Cutting.' It's a great video, I learned some good info on spotting the difference between a gemstone that is cut well and one that isn't. The video gives you specific things to look for. 

The stone above is a 1.45 Carat Aquamarine Radiant Style Cut, and is for sale. John Dyer cuts some beautiful stones!

Green Prasiolite

If you know me, you know I love fancy cut stones. On Artful Home I came across this green prasiolite, silver and 18kt yellow gold ring by Karina Mattei

I need to learn more about cutting gemstones, I'm sure it takes great finesse, patience and practice. 

Pastel Collection

I was reading the book Schmuck 2000 by Ruckblick Visionen, a jewelry book that is in German. I came across these rings made by Jochen Pohl. "He emphasizes sleek, perfectly crafted, sensual rings that are a pleasure to touch and hold. Pohl chose aquamarine, green beryl ad morganite as the stones for his 18-carat rose gold "Pastel" collection. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Steel Canvas

On Friday, my last day of Ornamental Hand Engraving at the New Approach School I had to take a break from engraving. (Got a nose bleed and was then light headed, so I knew better than to touch tools feeling like that.) I sat and looked through the book 'Steel Canvas: The Art of American Arms' by R.L.Wilson. I loved the scrolls on the gun above, and some of the details. I recommend clicking on the picture to enlarge it. 

The image above and below are of the same gun showing embossed silver. Just look at the intricate patterns and imagine being good enough to engrave that.

The gun (above and below) was inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements. Take note in the image below that even the screw heads were engraved.

The book was very inspiring and jaw droppingly beautiful!

Kaleidoscopic Patterns

My last night in Franklin Tennessee I went to The Quilting Squares Quilt Shop and this fabric caught my eye. The patterns made me think of how you see things in a kaleidoscope. 

I loved the colors.

And I even thought the pattern could be used in some jewelry I make. There are so many great lines. I bought 2 lovely yards for inspiration!

Friday, May 4, 2012

A little lovely for your Friday Morning...

I think all gemstones should be set with flower prongs covered in more tiny gemstones. This piece is by Giardini di marzo.