Friday, May 18, 2012

Chain Chain Chain

When I started making jewelry chains are where it all started. I wanted to share some great chains and web links to inspire you!

The earrings above are Turkish Orbital Chandeliers by SteamPunkGarage on Etsy.

The pendant above is the Large Quantum Rose Pendant by Rebecca Mojica. I love the pattern!

This chain is flat box chain by SilverWeaver.

There are great tutorials and supplies on Blue Buddha Boutique like this Bicubix Blocks Chain Tutorial.

SpiderChain has great supplies as well! And has great tutorials and a wonderful gallery of images.

Thanks to my friend Katie for many of the links. Enjoy!


Kelly Heck said...

These are so cool! You can do so much with jump-rings. I especially love the first set of earrings.

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

Thanks Kelly, I love the first set of earrings as well. I found a tutorial on how to make that type of chain for a bracelet and it's not to hard to make. I'm starting to work in my studio just for fun a little bit a day while I really get my business plan in gear. I even sketched some this morning and did a little photography of a flower that might inspire a earring design. : )