Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Last night the Ohio Jewelry & Metal Arts Guild took a field trip to Cleveland Museum of Natural History. It was a blast, we went mainly for the Mythical Creatures Exhibit which was fantastic. I was taking notes and inspired by so much! I even got to touch a Narwhal which is the long tooth of the narwhale, it's believed this tooth inspired the mythical stories of unicorns, because the tooth looks like a unicorn horn. I was really moved by the Narwhal tooth. The Vikings used to sell them for many times their weight in gold. 

Here are Katie and Terry in the Gem & Jewels Exhibit. I'm pretty sure we all drooled over the gemstones, oh my god. I was taking notes on my favorites so I can look them up and share them with you later.

I loved the Dinosaur bones, walking under them was amazing, to think of how big these creatures were!

I even took a close up of the vertebrae, I liked the pattern, maybe it will inspire some jewelry!

The Diatryma reminded me of my adorable pet parrot Bentley. Well every bird makes me think of Bentley and to me all birds look snugly. Though I know this bird could easily have eaten me!

They even had live animals at the Museum, such as this Bobcat. The shape of his face and eyes and ears are very interesting. Also in the exhibit was a crow that kept doing a dance for us bobbing his head up and down. He followed us as we walked through his section of the exhibit.I'm sure he had a good laugh as we all tried to get him to dance again!

They even had an eagle, a noble and majestic eagle.

Back inside we saw a headband made of bright green Beetles! What great use of color in ornamentation!

I really liked the hair combs, and the long feathers that hung off of them. Very decorative!

The trip was really a lot of fun, and I learned quite a bit. I'm excited to share, with you, some of the new gemstones I learned about!


Terri said...

Great post, Valerie! The trip really was a lot of fun. I didn't see the beetle bracelet you photographed, but doesn't it look like a Chan Lu bracelet made with beetles instead of beads???

I actually picked up some beetle wings from The Bead Goes On when I was in Virginia Beach at an art retreat in March. I was thinking they would be cool embellishments for polymer mythical creatures.

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

I'll have to look up Chan Lu's work. I'd love to see what you make with the beetle wings!