Thursday, May 3, 2012

If I had time to sight see in Tennessee...

If I had time to sight see in Tennessee while I'm here, here are some of the things that peaked my interest. Feel free to comment on other great sights to see in Tennessee and Kentucky!

This is The Frist Center - Center for the Visual Arts located in Nashville TN. The Frist Center is an ever-changing celebration of the world's greatest art. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, and interactive media from different viewpoints and time periods fill the spacious and relaxed galleries. 

Zip line tours from You can soar across 9 zip lines (up to 85 ft. high and 600 ft. long). The tours are about 90 minutes and take place in a beautiful old-growth forest 30 minutes from downtown Nashville. 
I love zip lines, this one probably be my first choice of what to do if I had time on Saturday. I think I was meant to be a bird! 

I love really good toy stores, they inspire some of my jewelry. Phillips Toy Mart located in Nashville looked like a lot of fun!

An independent bookseller, Landmark Booksellers looked like a good afternoon of fun; they sell old, out-of-print, rare and new books. Located in Franklin, TN.

I did stop by Diamond Caverns in Park City, KY located in Mammoth Cave National Park. I didn't have time for a tour but it looked like a cool place to explore.

On my way home Saturday I'm hoping to stop by the National Corvette Museum, I collect decks of playing cards when I travel. I'm hoping they have a cool corvette deck of cards in their gift shop. I need to find a deck of cards in the Tennessee area to add to my collection but I'm not sure where to go.

I'm hoping on Friday to stop by The Quilting Squares Quilt Shop which is located less than a mile from The New Approach School in Franklin, TN. My mother-in-law has been teaching me how to quilt so I thought I might go check out their fabrics!

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