Monday, May 7, 2012

Steel Canvas

On Friday, my last day of Ornamental Hand Engraving at the New Approach School I had to take a break from engraving. (Got a nose bleed and was then light headed, so I knew better than to touch tools feeling like that.) I sat and looked through the book 'Steel Canvas: The Art of American Arms' by R.L.Wilson. I loved the scrolls on the gun above, and some of the details. I recommend clicking on the picture to enlarge it. 

The image above and below are of the same gun showing embossed silver. Just look at the intricate patterns and imagine being good enough to engrave that.

The gun (above and below) was inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements. Take note in the image below that even the screw heads were engraved.

The book was very inspiring and jaw droppingly beautiful!

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