Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby Deer, Daisies and Bonfire!

This week I've seen this little baby deer sleeping in the woods. I took a quick couple of pictures and left him alone. 

I have about a million daisies growing in my front yard! They grow like weeds and I love it!

On Friday night we had a bonfire and made s'mores, so much fun!


Kelly Heck said...

WOW! It's amazing that the deer was not scared of you. Was it gone later? I would have loved to talk photos of him/her. :-)

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

Momma deer leave the babies for long stretches of the day, keeps predators away. So the baby has been there a lot curled up in the woods.

Sandi said...

I love the baby deer pictures...looks like Bambi.