Sunday, July 15, 2012


Not everything in my life is perfect and wonderful. I try not to post negative things, it's a waste of energy and no one really enjoys reading it.

But I do want you to know I'm human. My life has ups and downs like yours. 

Back in April I had to quit my job for complicated reasons. It was a very painful decision because I loved my job. I was down about it for over a month and since it's been up and down for me.

I'm moving past it and focusing on the positive. I've been searching for a job and at the same time working on starting my own business. It's always been my dream and goal and now is the time! As one friend said, "What are you waiting for?" Which is always a good question to ask yourself when you let fear stop you from doing something. 

Wishing you your own great adventures!

(photo taken from a plane)

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