Thursday, August 9, 2012

Surprise PARTY!

You may have noticed my absence on the blog, well that was because I had to sneak down to Maryland and help my sister (Kelly, pictured above) throw our Mom a Surprise Birthday Party! I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Kelly for all of your hard work in getting the details of the party taken care of. I couldn't do much from 7 hours away in Ohio. 

Our Mom's good friend Karen let us use her barn for the party (no animals in the barn). We decided on a Hawaiian theme and did some serious decorating that I helped a little with on Friday. That's me pictured above hanging up flowers.

I don't have a picture of when my Mom arrived to the party but she was shocked. The party was a surprise (about 40 people came) and me being there from Ohio was a surprise. As a note most of these photos were taken by my sister who is a professional photographer

This is my Mom on the left with her Aunt Helen!

The funniest gift my Mom received was this t-shirt from a friend, it reads "I Just Turned 50 Ain't I Nifty!" It says this on the back and front of the t-shirt and her head on the shirt is life size. Mom and Aunt Helen and the rest of us were cracking up!

My sister set up this fantastic beach backdrop for the Hawaiian themed party, we had crazy hats, giant glasses, beach gear and Hawaiian Leis. Back Left to Right is my cousin Kimberly, my Granddad, myself, and my very tall cousin Billy, Then my sister Kelly in the front with the pink hat!

Myself and Kelly, I've got a beer and she's got a wig on!

My sister Kelly and her boyfriend Andy, we have a lot of family and friends who are good sports acting goofy for the photos! I love it!

My Grandmother made a beautiful cake for my Mom's 50th Birthday! Her cakes are always beautiful and delicious. She even made my wedding cake when Joe and I got married.

This is my Mom and Dad, he gave a really sweet speech about how lucky they are and his hopes for the future! 

Group photo of the party with our giant inflatable whale named Willy.

This is my Mom with her Mom on the left. 

I loved this photo of my Mom (left) and Karen (who owns the barn we had the party in) cracking up at a private joke!

I liked this photo my sister took of my Dad and I talking with Grandma in between us. I was telling him about the funny birthday card I got my Mom. I like cards that make you laugh.

My Mom and Dad.

Mom smiling while opening her presents!
It was an amazing party, thank you to Kelly, Dad and Karen for all of your hard work. And thank you to everyone that made it out to the party. It was a blast!

PS I'm also very proud of myself for now blowing the secret about the party or about me coming down to Maryland, I can't keep a secret to save my life. : )

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