Saturday, September 1, 2012

Studio Tour!

A friend asked for a studio tour, so this morning without cleaning one bit here is my studio. I have about 1/2 of our basement. There are a nice line of windows to the right. The first bench in front is the one my grandfather made for me. 

Yesterday I was working on my engraving skills, you can see the engraving ball on my bench pin.

Here is the view from the other side of the room, look at the fish swimming across the floor!

This table is in the middle of the studio, I use it for sketching and basic jewelry assembling.

Here is the back side of my bench, my Grandfather makes beautiful furniture! I love my bench!

This is my hammering bench, anything I need to use hammers on happens here. The the left is a log that I'll be putting my anvil on once I clean it up. Thanks for the log Melissa!

My bench again, see all the nice drawers, I can fit so many tools in there!

This is my soldering station that my Grandfather built for me. It is right behind my bench and it has ventilation that goes out the window behind it. 

This is my shear, hydraulic press, drill press, chalk board and various supplies!

To the right is where I keep sketchbooks, paper, my inspirational image bin, and various art supplies. To the left is where I keep chemicals, my electroforming equipment and safety gear. 

This bench was given to me by my Mother-in-law, thank you Beth! It will be set up soon, right now it's just cluttered. There is also a door to the left that goes outside which is nice. I just fixed that door up last month. It was painted dark green and had bars on the windows, well that made it feel like a dungeon. So I took the bars off and painted it white to bring more light into the room. I just love my windows, really helps to have that natural light and look out to the trees.

This little cabinet stores lots of beads and various supplies. You can see the top is overflowing!

Feel free to ask questions! Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Doug Land. said...

may the creating BEGIN!

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

That is right Doug!

Zoey said...

When you said your studio was in the basement I felt sorry for you in a dark small space. WOW this is great! Love the windows and a door can we really even call this a basement it is such a great space!!

Έφη said...

Lovely place!
I wish I was mine! :-)))))

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

Thank you everyone! It is a lovely space!