Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welding at Hammer Song Farms

A few weeks ago we took a welding class at Hammer Song Farms, Joe and I made a project and his parents were in the class as well. We were making a half sun to put over a doorway or window. The picture above shows Joe in the blue shirt welding with the help of JJ.

In this picture I am welding with JJ's help.

Adjusting my helmet since I have such a small head. You can seen the frame of the half sun in front of me.

Close up of me welding the frame, I love those sparks!

We used a pipe bender to bend the rays of the half sun we were making.

Wavy rays!

We made a small set of rays and a longer set.

Here I am welding the wavy rays together at their tips with the help of Tom the artist!

Here Joe is helping me.

Joe's Dad, Jeff, is in the white shirt, laughing about something! He cracks a lot of jokes!

And here he is welding above.

Beth (to the left) bought this adorable sculpture called 'Star Gazer'. 

Then we had an elegant lunch right in the studio!

After lunch we welded copper scraps into the frame of the sun. Joe's working on it in the picture above.

Joe and JJ welding away!

Here I am above adding texture to the copper we welded in.

Cool shots of the texture of the metal and the heat patina on the copper.

Here is Joe welding on some of the rays. You can really see the sun coming together!

Another view of Joe welding the sun.

Joe and I showing off our sun! Once we have it up I'll take a better picture of it. The class was really fun. This is the second class of theirs' that we have taken thanks to Joe's parents. It was a great day!


Sandy Eaton said...

Valerie and Joe, Quite a project.
Grand-dad said if you got that all
done in one day you did really good. Can't wait to see where you put. Beautiful

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

Thank you!