Monday, November 12, 2012

Meet my dog Cinnamon

Recently my sister Kelly Heck took this great photo of my dog Cinnamon (with me in the background). Cinnamon was rescued from the streets and found a forever home with us. People always ask what breed she is. She is part Pharaoh Hound, Vizsla, a little pit in the face and I'm sure there is more. She runs faster than a whippet. Her favorite toys are ones made of rope that she can tear to threads, I knot them back up so they last longer.
She is very much a snuggle bug and wants to be squished between two people like a Cinnamon Sandwich. 
I'm hoping to teach her how to roll, so I can say Cinnamon Roll!
She's my best bud! 

1 comment:

Libellula Jewelry said...

She's adorable! I love those enormous ears.

...Cinnamon Roll!--you've definitely got to do that ;)