Monday, November 26, 2012

New Earrings for the Baker Ball

Every year for the Holidays my husband's company has a Holiday party they call the Baker Ball. This year I wanted to make some big earrings to wear since the neckline of my dress didn't work with a necklace. These are the earrings I came up with. The smaller and bigger Shapes spin on a wire. They are sterling silver (patinaed) and the golden balls are 14 karat yellow gold. What name would you give these earrings, I really want to think of names for my jewelry, makes it more fun. What would you name these earrings?

Here is a closer shot of the earrings. I just love jewelry that can really move, and these were spinning pretty well! (Note: I had to pack up and then re-set up my photo tent, it'll take some practice to figure out the lighting again.) 

At the Ball they take photos of us and have them ready to be picked up when we leave. It's such a nice gift. In the past you also got a gift as you left but instead Baker & Hostetler have started donating money to charities, this year it was to the Red Cross. I'm really glad they are doing that instead of giving us a gift. I am very lucky to have all that I do and would rather that money go to help others.

Here is the color photo of Joe and I. Check out my red dress! This gown is beautiful and guess how much it cost me? Are you read for this $8! My Mom found the best thrift shop in PA, thanks Mom!

I paired the red dress with a green coat I got as a gift and I'm carrying my peanut m&m wrapper purse (from the Ecoist) Joe bought me for one of our anniversaries.

And my shoes, which are hidden beneath my dress, Zigi Skippy Shoes. I love them! No heels this year, I'm having some chronic pain issues and heels are just not a good idea right now. I'll actually wear flats far more often anyway!

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