Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I hope you have a spooktastic day! 

My parents and sister came up to visit a couple of weeks ago and here is my sister on the left carving her pumpkin and me on the right.

My Dad and his pumpkin with it's tongue sticking out!

More scary pumpkins!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dior Joaillerie

This is the “Dracula Spinella Devorus” Ring by Dior Joaillerie, from the Belladone Island Collection. Made of white gold, diamonds, spinel, sapphires and chalcedony.

I just love how the prongs are placed and the talon like shape, very fitting for this time of year!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Welding at Hammer Song Farms

A few weeks ago we took a welding class at Hammer Song Farms, Joe and I made a project and his parents were in the class as well. We were making a half sun to put over a doorway or window. The picture above shows Joe in the blue shirt welding with the help of JJ.

In this picture I am welding with JJ's help.

Adjusting my helmet since I have such a small head. You can seen the frame of the half sun in front of me.

Close up of me welding the frame, I love those sparks!

We used a pipe bender to bend the rays of the half sun we were making.

Wavy rays!

We made a small set of rays and a longer set.

Here I am welding the wavy rays together at their tips with the help of Tom the artist!

Here Joe is helping me.

Joe's Dad, Jeff, is in the white shirt, laughing about something! He cracks a lot of jokes!

And here he is welding above.

Beth (to the left) bought this adorable sculpture called 'Star Gazer'. 

Then we had an elegant lunch right in the studio!

After lunch we welded copper scraps into the frame of the sun. Joe's working on it in the picture above.

Joe and JJ welding away!

Here I am above adding texture to the copper we welded in.

Cool shots of the texture of the metal and the heat patina on the copper.

Here is Joe welding on some of the rays. You can really see the sun coming together!

Another view of Joe welding the sun.

Joe and I showing off our sun! Once we have it up I'll take a better picture of it. The class was really fun. This is the second class of theirs' that we have taken thanks to Joe's parents. It was a great day!

Yael Sonia

I love these rubellite, diamond, and gold earrings by Yael Sonia

Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Elephants!

While in Kenya Joe and I went to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and saw their baby elephant orphanage.  When a baby elephant has been separated from it's mother they rescue and raise the elephant. I loved the photo above, if you look closely you can see the baby elephants trunk wrapped around his humans hand.

The smallest elephants had blankies tied to their backs!

Here is Joe petting one of the elephants above.

I took many photos of the little elephants playing in the dirt.

They would lay and roll around and fart a lot!

Above you can see a group of children in uniforms that had come from their school on a field trip. The kids were great. They'd get excited to pet the elephant and then a little scared and back up into us adults. We all were mesmerized.

We thought the show was over as they led the baby elephants away...

But then they brought another group. This one had learned how to hold it's bottle.

I loved this little guy with his big ears!

While there there we saw the 3 Gaga Heads a Japanese performance group that reminded me of Blue Man Group. You can see one of their performances here. The Gaga Head to the right, the one in the green posed with all the school children in green, what he didn't know is that I snuck up behind him and gave him bunny ears as his friend took a photo. It made the crowd of us laugh! I hope they post the photo on the Internet, I want to see it!

We were told a great deal about the elephants but what stuck with me most was that once the elephants have been placed with a parade of elephants it lives it's life in the wild. The amazing thing was that years later some of the elephants come back to show their human family their elephant children. What great memories and an amazing connection. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Gravity & Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui

On Saturday I attended Gravity & Grace at the Akron Art Museum with my Grandma Judy. The artist, El Anatsui creates his sculptures using bottle caps that are tied together loosely with wires. These sculptures are  similar to large pieces of fabric. I loved the fact that every time they are placed in a gallery they are hung differently. 'The idea of a sheet that you can shape and reshape...all that fluidity is behind the concept.'

Because these sculptures are made of metal they shimmered in the light. You really needed to experience and up close view versus a view from a distance. 

He also had artworks made of reclaimed wood. All of his artwork is made of recycled things.