Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To those at the BMAC Show 2013...

This year I won't be attending the Buyers Market of American Craft Show. I attended it first while working for Barbie Levy Jewelry Designs, then I worked for the BMAC Show as the Jewelry & Suppliers Manager and last while working for Bezak Glass. I got to see the show from both sides and the entire experience was great. I've met and befriended so many wonderful people.
Above are Babybud Long Earrings by Tschetter Studio, she'll be at the show in booth 1000. She is a joy to talk to!
The next piece, above, is a Pave Diamond Brooch - Spiral by 314 Studio. I love her style, she's always coming up with something new and I own a couple pairs of her earrings (see a pair here). She'll be in booth 918.
These earrings, above, are from Bree Richey Designs 'Swirl Collection'. I love their movement and how the silver hugs the pearl. Bree's mother is Marlene Richey who wrote the book 'Profiting by Design; A Jewelry Maker's Guide to Business Success.' Jewelry making runs in the family, Bree will be in booth 1018.
Black Birds perched on a branch by Chee-Me-No. In booth 1318. This exhibitor's black birds caught my eye.
Above is a granite and black diamond necklace by Flying Anvil Designs, Julie Jerman-Melka. You can see Julie's work and her booth here. I've known Julie and her husband since I began working for BMAC and I think of them as family. I'm sad I won't be there to give them hugs, but I'll be thinking about them.
And I wish everyone at the show good luck. To the artists make great sales. To the buyers find wonderful artwork. To the show producers and everyone I hope the show goes smoothly and your feet don't hurt too much! I'll be thinking about you all, you are in my heart and I hope to see you soon.
P.S. To those at the Arts Business Institute, learn, makes friends and ask questions!

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Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

I wish I could post so many more photos of all the great artwork featured at the Buyers Market Show!