Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What qualities do you want your jewelry to have?

A while back I went through my image bin (a huge bin of jewelry/art images I save to use as inspiration) and found ones that had qualities and elements that would inspire me when I get stumped on a design. The board started out a mess and then...

It all came together!

Some close up shots, I love perspective and optical illusion in jewelry. You'll notice I write notes on all the images so I remember what caught my eye, this is also how I sketch.

The large emerald cut ring has a crack in the band filled with pave diamonds, definitely nice!

The pair of earrings in the middle of this image have stuck with me, Changing out one stone for a different color really catches the eye!

And most of all have fun with it!

What qualities or elements do you want in your jewelry?

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