Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Earring Sketch Progress - Did you know you can dye silk string?

Dyeing pearl stringing silk is easy, I cut up a piece of card board (the purple thing in the middle) and wrap the silk I need dyed around it. Then I put it in a bucket with hot water and black Rit dye (can be found at the grocery store). I'll leave it there overnight for good measure.

I wanted to show you my progression of sketches. It's always good to really flesh out a design in your sketchbook with multiple sketches. You may like your first idea, but as you keep going the ideas get better and better. (Note I cut out images of other artists' jewelry to put in my sketchbook, so I didn't draw those. If you want an artists name just comment below.)

The wispy hanging lines are where the seed beads will be. I draw mostly in pen and take notes of thoughts I have. My idea is to construct the 'frame' out of silver and then suspend the strands of seed beads from that.

Getting more geometric and natural on the same page.

The image above remind me fish hooks and nets.

Playing with more shapes above and below.

The image above is where things start getting good. Besides the fish and the hippo. The earring design on the bottom right has some really nice curves I pulled from a crystal chandelier bead I have.

Continuing to play with the shapes.

And on.

Until we arrive at the image on the right. That earring with a long piece of silver (as in the black area near the ear wire) and then silver schwoopies (yes that's a word) with the beads suspended from them. I really like how this idea came out. Partly inspired by the book below. I started to recognize what I was drawing as a Thai roof line (to a certain degree). 

In the image above I have the chandelier crystal on the sketch, it's black. And a few piece of silver, I started working on elements that will hold the strands of beads. 

Just loving the Thai design!

Does a certain image or sketch pop out to you?

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Anonymous said...

I love the earring designs, especially the one that looks like a spider web.