Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thai Inspired Earrings

Some of my fondest memories are of Buddhist temples my husband and I visited in Thailand.  The temples feature beautiful, multi-tiered rooflines that are exquisitely designed. The roofs are filled with bells, whose soft, alluring jingle represents heaven and earth.  

Those traditional Thai temples inspired these earrings. I created a chandelier-like sterling silver earring, longer than any other earring I've made.  I then formed and forged the earring in a three-tiered design like the temple roofs.  Rather than bells, I hung strands of faceted seed beads from the rooflines.  

Materials: Sterling silver, seed beads, silver spacer beads, dyed silk cord, sterling silver ear wires

Earring Length:  4 ¾ inches

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Furniture Before and After

We've been needing a new dresser and I found this beauty at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I went shopping with my mother-in-law and we always have a good time there! So yes it looks ugly but it's made of real solid wood, so I spent a couple weeks sanding, patching and painting. There are glass doors over the bookshelves and I decided to leave those off, since getting them back in the track might cost of part of the paint job.

Here I am working hard installing the cabinet handles. I was very proud, I didn't drill all the way through either door, so from the inside you can't see the drawer handle screws. And they were both stuck shut so I managed to do that just by feel. 

Here is the finished dresser and bookshelf top. I love it white. It looks so good. We shifted the bookshelf to the right just so our wedding quilt isn't blocked.

I even lined all the drawers and shelves with white contact paper. I love when I finish one of these projects because this piece of furniture can last forever. It never needs to be replaced and I can always give it another coat of paint.