Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thai Inspired Earrings

Some of my fondest memories are of Buddhist temples my husband and I visited in Thailand.  The temples feature beautiful, multi-tiered rooflines that are exquisitely designed. The roofs are filled with bells, whose soft, alluring jingle represents heaven and earth.  

Those traditional Thai temples inspired these earrings. I created a chandelier-like sterling silver earring, longer than any other earring I've made.  I then formed and forged the earring in a three-tiered design like the temple roofs.  Rather than bells, I hung strands of faceted seed beads from the rooflines.  

Materials: Sterling silver, seed beads, silver spacer beads, dyed silk cord, sterling silver ear wires

Earring Length:  4 ¾ inches


Kelly Heck said...

You made these? I first thought they were posted as an inspiration piece - it's beautiful and so well crafted. I saw it and thought "it would be crafty to figure out a way you can swap out the strands of seed beads with alternative colors"... I was thinking of those sets of watch bands you can often purchase... sell the earrings with like 3 color options that customers can swap in and out. Not sure how you would design that aesthetically, just a random thought I had. :-) Again, beautiful piece!

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

Thank you! Another friend had the same great idea to make the bead strands so you can swap them out. I really do like that. These earrings are rather large so I think they need to be scaled down a bit.

Kelly Heck said...

I was thinking last night... if the seed beads were on strands and had large hoops on their ends, you can just drop the hoops down over the 'hook' of the earring design. It could get lost, but fairly unlikely. You could take it for some test drives!

Don't move too far away from large... a smaller scale may be good for you, but with my growing and soon to be big hair, I don't mind big earrings, as long as they don't drag on my shoulders. Depends on the person, perhaps.