Friday, October 11, 2013


While on our vacation we came across many rock and mineral shops (thought many many more bike shops)! It was so much fun to come through the different rock shops, it felt like a treasure hunt. I bought this piece of Bismuth, the geometry really spoke to me as well as the color.

Oxidation, in the air, can cause Bismuth to turn pink which is the color in the core of this piece of bismuth. Did you know that is what colors Pepto Bismol? It is also used in cosmetics and pigments.

The many colors are called iridescent oxide tarnish. I wish more metals tarnished so beautifully!

Bismuth is very brittle and this piece is going to sit on my bench as inspiration. I don't plan to use it in a piece of jewelry. In the Earth's crust bismuth is twice as abundant as gold.

Here is a close up, the growth of this metal is just fascinating. It crystallizes in a rhombohedral lattice. What stone or mineral fascinates you?

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Kelly Heck said...

There are some sort of rocks here in Maryland... I remember finding them at Camp Hashawha when I was in 6th grade - they also form in geometric shapes (squares and rectangles)... I have a few somewhere in all my junk.